ISBN: 978-0-646-54843-2

On behalf of the Scientific Advisory Committee and ASCEPT Council welcome to the ASCEPT annual scientific meeting for 2010 which has the theme “Found in Translation: Integrated Approaches to Drug Development”. We believe this meeting will be an excellent opportunity to show case the research of our members while also allowing suffi cient time for those social activities to begin or renew friendships.

We hope that the combination of plenary lectures, symposia and free communications in the form of oral presentations and posters will be academically and scientifically stimulating and lead to new collaborations and research opportunities. While attending this conference, please take a minute to consider the bigger picture of how we can improve the translation of research in Australasia.

Our members have a reputation for doing great work and research and you may wish to consider what new researcher(s) you need to join your current programs to enhance the translation of your research, regardless of your specialty area. Many researchers or research teams will be at this conference, so take the opportunity to network.

We extend a welcome to our international guests from the British Pharmacological Society and the British Toxicology Society and to our exhibitors and sponsors. The Scientific Advisory Committee and ASCEPT Council welcome your feedback on every aspect of the meeting.

With kind regards

Carl Kirkpatrick
Chairperson, Scientific Advisory Committee

Kathie Knights
Immediate Past President